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Whether your pet, bird or zoo animal is being exported, our dedicated, experienced, compassionate and highly-trained team are on hand to cater for all veterinary requirements. Heathrow Vet Services can also certify the export of products of animal origin.

We can assist with paperwork and acquiring relevant permits, pre-travel vet checks, treatments, certification and official crate sealing; we will treat your pet as one of the family and ensure he or she is as relaxed and healthy as possible before the flight. We know that during a stressful time, putting your pet first is what counts.

We are conveniently located in Oakley Green (20 min from Heathrow Airport); we are able to help with any last-minute documentation or treatment request and, in the unlikely event of a veterinary emergency, are able to assist at a moment’s notice. We also offer our services out of hours.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss any aspect of animal travel with one of our veterinarians, please get in touch; we would be happy to speak with you. (private clients only)


Heathrow Veterinary Services are specialists in providing export certification and preparing pets for travel to all destinations.


Heathrow Vets can provide an export service for all species of birds.


Zoo Animals

We work closely with wildlife parks and support the movement of species involved in breeding programmes worldwide.


Heathrow Vets can provide an export service for horses and other equines


Pet Shippers

We work with several pet shipping companies who are dedicated to providing the very best for the pets under their care.

Products of Animal Origin

Heathrow Vets can certify the export of products of animal origin


For help or advice please contact our Heathrow airport office

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