Please note that the information here is only a guide and may be subject to change or may not apply to your situation. We recommend you employ a reputable pet shipper to assist with travel arrangements and pre-export requirements for your pet.

Travelling to the USA:

Where to start?

Chat to your veterinarian about your intended travel plans and determine if your pet will be healthy to make the journey.

Microchips are not mandatory for travel to the United States however we highly recommend having a microchip implanted for the purposes of identification and potential future travel.

The United Kingdom is on the list of rabies-free countries and therefore pets that have lived in the UK 6 months prior to arrival in the US or since birth are exempt from rabies vaccination, although some airlines may require it. Keep in mind that the US is not rabies-free and it would be wise to vaccinate your pet for their protection against the disease. In addition, following importation, all dogs are subject to state and local vaccination or health certificate requirements. Pets may travel from 12 weeks of age however the earliest age rabies vaccination can be administered is 12 weeks.

  • A vaccination card should have the following details on it:
    Name and address of the Owner
    Name of the pet
    Any identifying features – eg breed, coat colour, sex, if neutered or spayed and microchip number
    Vaccination manufacturer, name, batch number and expiry date, booster due date
    Veterinarian’s signature and practice details

Prior to departure, a veterinarian will need to complete a veterinary health certificate or fit to fly certificate.

Consult the following website for more detailed information.